Careless Thoughts

Rune Bueller
Random Stuff that could make you think, or not either way i could care less.. CarelessThoughts


We all find love in different places. Sometimes People fall in love with work, school, goals, but i was fortunate enough to fall in love with you. 


Anonymous said: What's with the Richard Bradshaw quote? He judged people regardless of whether he knew about them or not and that's the sort of ppl u look up to? U dont, or me, nor anyone else has a right to questions someones validy on earth. You and everyone else dont like ppl judging them so why would u do that to another? If someone is acting a particular way, u dnt know what shit theyve been through, mentally or emotionally..maybe it was u who caused that shit in the first place =/ Some ppl show others a side of themselves that they want those ppl 2 see so ur quote about "i see pplz flaws" is void. U cant knw shit about a person unless u ARE them.

didnt write the book just was a good read. i could give 2 shits bout that other shit i look up to no one, no man. at one point in time their was no “guidelines” to live by.I Make my own way. 

No one knows how much i truely love my girl,
Its a crazy feeling when you literally find the girl you’re gonna marry,
The girl that makes you’re life that much more special. I prolly seem lame to care so much but it makes me a better person knowing i have someone for the first time understand me for me, Never tryna change me or Worrying about my past. I owe her so much for helping me as a person. Shes my bestfriend, my everything. I always thought “No way in hell will i ever love a girl and mean it” but She changed it all. Without even knowing and thats what makes our love real in my opinion..we make each other 100% happy without trying.

 Picture your heart in your hands,

now close them. as much as u can.

as well as your eyes…

and when you open you eyes,

imagine a land.

A land full of your pain, your fears, your faults, your tears.

now close them again.

And walk BLIND 


not to come in contact with these things that your heart doesnt desire,

is it the lands fault for being the things u despise?

or is it your own for walkin thru with your heart, blind…